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The Technique of Soul Fusion

The discussion talks about what Alice Bailey refers to as the monad, which is comprised of the three divine aspects of our being. In three hours, we provide a framework and an experiential process that reveals how aligned we are in our divinity. Explore what is the primary expression of your monad, First Ray of Power (Orchestrator), Second Ray of Love Wisdom (Compassionate), or Third Ray of Active Intelligence (Implementer). From this, we will discover whether Illumination, Imagination or Inspiration is our path to full expression.

Recognizing Seducers

This class will illustrate the cost of being blindsided by Seducers. We will explain the psychology of Seducers and present pictures that identify their qualities. We will also talk about the difference between male and female Seducers. While each shares the same psychology, they have unique qualities that distinguish them. We will talk about how Seducers work on three levels: Physical, Intellectual and Idealistic. What Seducers seek is to destroy a target’s confidence, clarity, self esteem and self respect.

Manifesting Life Skills Series


Few people actually understand what it takes to manifest quality relationships under adverse conditions. This is why we have so many relationship breakdowns that end up in divorce. Instead of collapsing and losing our focus, what if we had the ability to confidently address our needs and make the relationships we are in flourish. Growth, Autonomy, Intimacy and Co-Creativity are the core skills that empower us to make any relationship work. Until we know who we are on these levels, our ability to make promises to partners is always questionable.

Life Skills Intro

Join us on this free exploration of Growth, Autonomy, Intimacy and Co-Creativity. Growth is the capacity to engage life lessons and not shrink back in fear. Autonomy is the capacity to discover our truth and express ourselves without compromise. Intimacy is the capacity to be transformed by our learning, sharing and discovery. Co-Creativity is the capacity to work together as a team with our partners supporting us. While everyone could fantasize about how they have these skills in their life, very few actually do.

FREE INTRO - Selecting Great Employees

Higher Alignment encourages the use of Compatibility Assessments to construct the right balance of skills, tenacity and excellence in creating new teams. It is designed for business leaders and HR professionals of small organizations because they are the ones who need it the most. Small organizations need to distinguish themselves by their people. Nothing sells their services better than a well-prepared, confident, and presentable representative. Higher Alignment has been doing consulting in this area for over twenty years.

FREE INTRO - Identifying The Problem Of Idealization

Come to this Free presentation about how Idealization can be neutralized. Consider how much time and suffering you have had because of this problem to date. Is it time for a change? This discussion can change the trajectory of your life. Of course, the cost is that you are going to have to give up your unconscious biases and fantasies about how easy it should be. Are you tired of over dramatic partners? Do you want real connections that are meaningful and long-lasting?

Organizational Alignment

This course is for leaders and business owners with small teams that need to be effective. It is about discovering better ways to explore the tradeoffs in new employee hiring situations. Which candidate will be more productive, or get along with the team? In many circumstances, we could come up with different answers for these two questions. in Higher Alignment, we have quantified how each candidate compares to every other candidate for your particular group. Using Higher Alignment principles to create teams supports you in maximizing productivity, while maintaining team cohesion.

Healing Idealization

For those who are growing, Idealization is a particularly challenging problem to handle. It is amplified by imbalances in our Feelings and Emotions where we do not have any complete agreement on what is going on around us. Our own fears become disowned when we project them onto others. We also demonstrate this imbalance when we Idealize others and cannot conceive that they have limitations. Eventually, we cannot ignore their limitations, and we find ourselves in disarray and disillusionment. We therefore recommend that we see the positive with the negative and hold both in a balanced way.

The Ultimate Relationship Fulfillment Guide

What this class quietly tells us is those things that we already know in the deeper resources of our heart. It is a reminder that we could respect the differences between ourselves and others, and do better job honoring everyone. It encourages us to honor our authentic nature, and to speak softly and vote with our feet if we need to. No one gets bonus points for talking at people or fighting with them. This means we do not know the prerequisites for a great, intimate relationship. What we will talk about is the power of autonomy and intimacy to guide us toward more co-creative solutions.

Intro to Advanced Defensive Healing

Introduction to Advanced Defensive Healing-Predicting Reactions & Defensive Preconceptions


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