Creative Uniqueness 12-Part Series Support Group Begins January 15

The Creative Uniqueness (CU) Support Group is offered to current and former students of CU on twelve consecutive Wednesdays for one-and-a-half hours of discussion and review of the weekly classes for $100. You can choose from two Support Groups, one at noon with Chris Maldonado and Ronda Loredo and one at 6:00 pm MST with Chris Maldonado and Darrell Ansted.

If you haven't already taken Creative Uniqueness, you need to purchase the self-paced Creative Uniqueness series that consists of the recordings of twelve classes and an intro class, including 13 Video sessions, downloadable pdf’s of classes and mp3 audio files for $297. Please join us for a live online Free Intro class on Wednesday, January 8 at 6:00 pm MST with Larry Byram and course facilitators.

This is the preliminary Higher Alignment survey course required to learn how to identify the Compatibility Factors in others. In this course, we learn how to apply the information to ourselves first so we can then begin to "see" others clearly. It is also the prerequisite for the Inner Seeing series. We recommend previous experience with Common Neutral Ground, as it will make it easier to accept the differences and uncomfortable similarities explored in this course. We learn from discussions, pictures and videos. No Prerequisites required.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Creative Uniqueness is about affirming who we are. It is also about understanding differences. Find out why others do not understand nor appreciate your natural patterns. Instead of projecting that others should be more like you, imagine how they could be different. What an epiphany! Discover what makes us different and interesting at the same time. Recognize the hidden beliefs and assumptions that get us in trouble when others do not understand us. This course introduces us to all the creative options available so we can start placing individuals in effective frameworks for real connection. Explore the differences between our parental imprinting and who we really are. This class clarifies our Creative Nature so we can be more authentic in our interactions with others. 

Understanding and accepting our authentic creative nature transforms our perception of how we show up in relationships. All connections have an energetic footprint or structure where we experience resonance or degrees of dissonance. This course clarifies common differences and similarities. We are introduced to the range of choices available so we can become clear about who we are. It also clarifies what is creatively natural for us and how we have been trained and conditioned. This allows us to diminish our self-identification with pretenses or defenses so we can become more responsive and less reactive. Honoring our natural way of being also frees up energy that can lead to more generous and loving interactions with others. When we discover our true creative nature, our lives become easier. Others do not resist us and we do not have to struggle to be who they want us to be. We invite everyone to explore their inner design and distinguish it from how they compromise themselves to be accepted, respected or esteemed.

The Power Of Creative Self Acknowledgement Course participants will also learn how to work with differences between others and themselves by honoring another's natural contribution (despite how we believe this behavior may affect us). We discover that when we understand the true nature of their contribution it allows us to re-examine our concerns and determine new, more effective ways to be present with them. Usually we are holding on to painful attachments or past events that we need to now release or resolve to re-engage life. This helps us reclaim our autonomy and define our nature independently from others. The more we learn to accept and love our Self, the less concerned we are about the opinions of others.  

This translates into greater flexibility, fun and creative power in all our relationships - personal or business. If you want to improve the quality and creativity of your relationships ten-fold, we invite you to learn about individual differences and similarities. When we can see our own patterns it reduces our fear, anger and dismay when others do the unexpected. We begin to see how they are perfect in their own way. We also see that it is ridiculous to try to change them. This naturally occurs when we can separate our patterns from theirs. Every person has a right and a responsibility to act based upon their authentic nature, so they can make their unique contributions. By affirming this truth, it opens us up to the reality that we need to fully honor others if we expect them to do the same. We discover that we are able to change our response to others irritating behavior which frees us from knee jerk reactions. It is our misguided interpretations that have limited our ability to get along which certain types of individuals. Creative Uniqueness makes us aware of the 15 creative differences we will encounter in out lives.


Picture of FREE INTRO 2020 ~ Creative Uniqueness January 8  at 6:00 MST
FREE INTRO 2020 ~ Creative Uniqueness January 8 at 6:00 MST
Creative Uniqueness is one of our foundational courses and we offer pre-recorded classes reviewing all of the Higher Alignment compatibility factors. This FREE INTRO is live on ZOOM with Larry Byram and coaches on Wednesday January 8 from 6:00 to 8:30 MST. As you work through this self-paced series, you can join our Support Group to discuss Creative Uniqueness with Chris Maldonado, Ronda Loredo and Darrell Ansted. You can choose from two different 90-minute support groups, one at noon and one at 6:00 p.m., all on Zoom. You can purchase the pre-recorded Creative Uniqueness class at any time, and the Support Groups begin January 15. Classes and the Support Groups are sold separately.
Picture of Creative Uniqueness Support Group
Creative Uniqueness Support Group
As we transition from in-person class frameworks to online webinars we are finding ways to personalize the process. We call these application labs or support groups. Our clients watch a pre-recorded class discussion on a topic then participate in a group discussion once per week (for twelve weeks). Each class topic has a background presentation that clients review by reading a PDF, listening to a class or reviewing a video. The support group offers a 90-minute discussion where we work on implementing a chosen topic. The Creative Uniqueness Support Group is on Wednesdays, starting Jan. 15th. You can choose from 2 session: on at noon and one from 6 to 7:30 pm with Chris Maldonado and Ronda Loredo. Support groups are $100 per individual per trimester. The Creative Uniqueness Series must be purchased separately. A FREE INTRO is offered Wednesday January 8 from 6:00 - 8:30 live on Zoom with Larry Byram.
Picture of Creative Uniqueness Series
Creative Uniqueness Series
A value package offering one introduction course and 12 individual classes.
Creative Uniqueness Free Intro
Class 1: Creative Uniqueness Defenses
Class 2: Creative Uniqueness Decision Making Approach
Class 3: Creative Uniqueness Communication Process
Class 4 : Creative Uniqueness Pacing
Class 5: Creative Uniqueness Pretenses
Class 6: Creative Uniqueness Intentional & Orchestrating
Class 7: Creative Uniqueness Visionary
Class 8: Creative Uniqueness Compassionate
Class 9: Creative Uniqueness Inventor
Class 10: Creative Uniqueness Investigator
Class 11: Creative Uniqueness Storyteller
Class 12: Creative Uniqueness WorldView