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Finding Conscious & Complete Partners

Enlightened Dating Summary

Changing our selection criteria for partners takes an understanding of what we are seeking. We need to learn how to be ourselves as Creative Being so we can attract partners who would naturally match us. This requires reorienting ourselves to what attracts us. We also need to stand up for ourselves so others can see us fully. Otherwise, we get caught in unconscious parental patterns or opposite attraction partners where Co-Dependence rules. This program, when followed, makes us conscious of when we are sabotaging ourselves by choosing partners who cannot go the distance. This twelve part series is meant to be a total program, yet some individuals feel they may only need certain parts of it. In our experience, the first six classes help us to become aware of our choices so we can shift beyond entanglement options.

Class Note: This is the first time everyone will have to pay in advance through PayPal. If attendees only register for the first class, and then want to do the full series, they will have to pay the full series price without a discount. This is due to new administration requirements. On the upside, by purchasing the whole series, we are providing Mini Creative Assessments for your parents and up to 3 past partners (a $145 value). Thank you for understanding our desire to have an effective enrollment process.

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