Finding Conscious & Complete Partners—Class 11 :: Revealing What Is Important

Being real is the way conscious individuals attract attention. The more we are comfortable expressing both the good and the bad, the more our partners will come to trust us. One of the common mistakes people make is not telling the whole story or misrepresenting a circumstance, then having it emerge in an unplanned way. Another mistake is to amplify our image by trying to impress others. This comes off as insincere, then later becomes a repulsion when it become publicly known as untrue. The Truth needs no embellishment. Anyone who believes it does is operating unconsciously in their personality programming. Since we are looking for conscious individuals who would automatically suspect flattery as a seduction program, they would know that embellishments are a problem. In fact, for these people, they are major warning signs.

Participation and engagement are what distinguish conscious individuals from unconscious ones. Conscious individuals have many different ways to successfully engage others. They do not give up or lack enthusiasm in exploring options. Unconscious people give up quickly and have less willingness to place themselves in any open or intimate environment. Conscious individuals know how to ask questions and their curiosity drives them to try and understand why things are the way they are. Conscious individuals promote self-ownership and the revelation of who people are. They love respecting the mystery and esteeming the mastery of the people with whom they come in contact. They are unselfish and open to seeing things from others’ perspectives. What distinguishes them is there ability to invest and be with people as they are.

What is different about conscious people is their willingness to listen to people’s stories without taking them seriously. Stories do not make a person; experience does. Most people edit their experiences so what they tell you is only partially true. As conscious individuals, we need to frame our own Truth in a way that attracts the right people to us. This means expanding and rewriting our stories so we are no longer at their effect. This means they need to be more transpersonally uplifted. In this class, we explore how to say who we are without relying on previous stories. Let us learn to focus on Compatibility Factors, Motives and relationship Lessons as our initial connection opportunities. This will provide the key indicators of whether or not we invest further time in someone.

Facilitators: Larry Byram & Sandra Jaquith

Class Schedule: Saturday, October 27th 2018, 12pm-5pm MT (no lunch break)

Location: 2945 Center Green Court, Ste. E, Boulder, CO 80301 (or by webinar)