Finding Conscious & Complete Partners—Class 12 :: Optimizing Online Dating Services

There are many obstacles to using online dating services. People’s profiles can be fishing expeditions by married individuals looking for a hookup. Their pictures may be 20 years old, if we are lucky. The very medium of interacting through a computer tends to attract more Distant or disengaged people. Finally, there are the many misguided attempts to determine compatibility through a series of questions. Despite these obstacles, online dating provides a focused group of individuals who believe they are capable of attracting a partner. Higher Alignment’s assessment tools provide a way to cut through these obstacles to identify the top candidates in your locale. This requires good pictures and simple qualification statements (such as, are they non-smokers?), and some sort of background check.

While it is more difficult to use online dating services (for all the above reasons), there are also opportunities to practice and explore possibilities with people who may be more similar to you. It requires preparing a profile, selecting photos, answering a lot of questions and being willing to monitor the process on a regular basis. Some people find this to be too tedious. For them, we need to work on putting them in places (locations, groups, activities, etc.) where they would most likely meet the people who are similar to them. These individuals will need more ability to see compatibility differences. They will also want to use their network of friends for people who might match the qualities they seek. This is why, upon reflection, some of the dating sites are a bit more effective than others. What Higher Alignment can do is go through the pictures of your choosing and point out the people who are your Primary Creative Expression, could be sexually compatible and who are defensively similar. Individuals, such as Larry, can search through and assess up to 800 pictures per hour. In these situations, we usually find 10 or more suitable matches. This still requires people to follow up these individuals and inspire them to respond.

The benefit of online dating is that our preferences can be taken into account. This means we can sort people by age, if they smoke, their marital status, social activities and even athletic interests (if any). Since there are at least 60 million individuals on dating sites at any given time, there are many opportunities for connection. This allows a greater degree of targeting that can lead to finding appropriate partners. Higher Alignment sees this process as a way to practice showing up an being ourselves. It encourages us to be confident and to not compromise ourselves. It focuses us on the larger picture so we can learn how a person might work with us, even if they do not look like they would fit our preconceived notions. We still stand by the concept that it is us taking ownership of our creativity that makes us visible and attractive to the best partner candidates. It is time to be the driving energy behind what will fulfill us.

Facilitators: Larry Byram & Sandra Jaquith

Class Schedule: Saturday, November 10th 2018, 12pm-5pm MT (no lunch break)

Location: 2945 Center Green Court, Ste. E, Boulder, CO 80301 (or by webinar)