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Finding Conscious & Complete Partners—Class 4 :: Shifting Attractive Polarities

The sources of Co-Creative relationships are Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness. This is the antithesis of Co-Dependent relationships, where Excitement, Intensity and Anxiety predominate. The two major Compatibility Factors that promote Co-Creativity, Autonomy, Intimacy and Growth are our Defense Style (in the process of healing) and our Primary Creative Expression (as we become more actualized). These are the factors we believe have the biggest impact in making great relationship choices. If we choose a partner that shares the same factors and levels of healing, it promotes a stronger acceptance, Trust and Unity between them. This class helps to drill down into and get experiences about why we can relax when these two factors are the same.

On a defensive level, choosing someone with the same patterns initially feels uncomfortable. This is because we have not yet accepted our own Being on a larger level. Not only does our Defense minimize our creativity, it also makes us question why being with this person would be a smart idea. The answer is that until we can be with others who are like us, we are not accepting our own wholeness. When we can be seen and accepted by others like ourselves, we naturally strengthen rather than drain each other. Co-Dependent patterns minimize growth because no one wants to be at the effect of their partner. What this ignores is that on a larger level we are assigning ourselves smaller roles in our interactions. Until we can embrace both our positive and negative sides and accept our wholeness, we cannot be attracted to people who are like us. When we make this shift, we open up a grand new world. All defensive relationships become open to us when we are no longer defensive.

Being able to see creative individuals (as we are) is the next step in this process. This is why we offer Recognizing Visionaries, Inventors, Compassionates, Investigators and Storyteller courses. These courses help each individual see themselves in others (creatively). Otherwise, our imprinting and lack of self affirmation about our creativity, will make it very hard to see the best people for us. It is important to know that each Creative Expression has a range of behaviors, from positive to negative, as each grows in its actualization. This means that while it is critical to see a Primary Expression that matches our own, we will be best me by those who share our same actualization level. There are seven levels for each actualization. They correspond, to a degree, with WorldView, but are more focused on individuals gifts than general WorldView lessons. WorldView congruence would therefore earn bonus points when choosing business or romantic partners.

Facilitators: Larry Byram & Sandra Jaquith

Class Schedule: Saturday, July 14th 2018, 12pm-5pm MT (no lunch break)

Location: 2945 Center Green Court, Ste. E, Boulder, CO 80301 (or by webinar)