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Healing Idealization

Healing Idealization is being offered as an in-person class in our classroom, located at 2945 Center Green Ct., Boulder, Colorado, 80301, as well as by webinar worldwide. There are 12 class meetings, all on Tuesday evenings, May 7 through July 24, from 6pm to 9pm U.S. Mountain Time.

Facilitators are Larry Byram and Karen Thorson.

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Being Present Moment-To-Moment

In this course, we will explore and heal the third level of relationship, which involves the projection of Goodness. This is the level where we deny our power by externalizing our unbalanced 

Feelings/Emotions and fixate on external goals. Many people will recognize this as getting stuck in patterns where we want what we want but never seem to get it. The cost of idealizing Goodness is that we get caught up in Glamour. Everything becomes overly emotional and dramatic. Glamour entangles us in idealized Motives where we project our ideas of Unity and Truth on our partners, believing they need to be responsible for manifesting it. This creates unconscious resistance and repulsion in us when they do not act as anticipated. The only way we can actually engage Goodness is to accept our perfection as we are.

It is easier to define our needs in terms of comfort or Safety and Security, than to challenge ourselves in terms of our creative contribution. Most of us do not like to live outside of our comfort zone, so we create an artificial sense of certainty by fixating on our goals. We heal Idealization by taking responsibility for our moment-to-moment experiences and letting our Passion discover the next step on our path. In Idealization, we judge others by their degree of Creative Self Acceptance, Creative Self Rejection or Repulsion(s). If we let go of these judgments, we experience mutual Self-Acceptance while practicing the Skills of Intuitive Discrimination, Intimacy and Paradox. Using the energy of Love, our creative interchanges produce synergistic responses (where we are empowered to constantly show up in ways bigger than the beliefs about our Self).

Imbalances between our Sensations/Feelings and Emotions/Thoughts show up as Anxiety, Resistance and Repulsion, which get acted out by a lack of physical movement, pursuing cravings or an inability to accept touch. Until we clear out our attachments to positive Feelings and Emotions and interconnect them, we will continue to operate at the effect of our beliefs about how others (and we)"should" engage. These imbalances also create a desire to reach out to others in conditional forms of Love: Protective, Directive and Quid-Pro-Quo. Balancing and simultaneously being present in our Feelings/Emotions maximizes Self Love. The first step to loving our Self is to be present with our pain and try not to unconsciously displace it on others. By releasing our stuck Emotions and Feelings, we discover our Selves to be creative engines of unimaginable passionate power. Through Vibratory Expansion, we begin to trust that we are truly Co-Creative agents of the Universe, which occurs through a common Creative Flow.

It is the Love of our Creative Self that makes this unification process possible and our Trust in the Universe that allows us to see the best way to contribute. In short, we need to act with a sense of commitment to the process of learning and Self- discovery, without being attached to a particular outcome or goal. We call the process of embodying our creativity Taking a Stand for all possibilities or Passionate Indifference. Creative Self Love becomes the motivation to make our life a delightful discovery. Co-Creative Spiritual Partnerships are not actually a destination, but rather a process of Being and Becoming, in ways that support Mutual Growth and Communion. Communion is the experience that indicates we have healed our Idealization. It reflects that we have chosen to deal with the universe as it is rather than what we would like it to be. This course provides a summary of all the indicators where we are getting caught up in Idealization and denying what is so in the moment.
Class Titles:
  • Idealization At The Core
  • The First Pair Of Opposites - Objectification
  • The Second Pair Of Opposites - Subjectification
  • The Third Pair Of Opposites - Idealization
  • Three Types Of Idealization
  • Imbalance Between Sensations, Feelings, Emotions & Thoughts
  • Acknowledging Projections - Taking Away Their Power
  • Integrating Feelings & Emotions
  • Repulsions, Idealization Sequence & Patterns
  • The Way Out Of Idealization
  • Upper Boundary Limits
  • Passionate Indifference & Balancing The Pairs Of Opposites¬†
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