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Inner Seeing I

Inner Seeing I is being offered as an in-person class in our classroom, located at 2945 Center Green Ct., Boulder, Colorado, 80301, as well as by webinar worldwide. There are 12 class meetings, all on Monday evenings, May 7 through July 24, from 6pm to 9pm U.S. Mountain Time.

Facilitators are Larry Byram and Luke Addington.

Prerequisites: Creative Uniqueness and Recognizing Creativity or permission of instructor.

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Seeing Our Creative Nature 
The Inner Seeing course is a framework for accelerated learning that provides insight into the behaviors of others. It also helps to prioritize the creative expressions, so their gifts become obvious, which lets us establish the actualization level and the sequence. The goal of this process is to identify individuals who can be the best for us so we maximize the number of people who 'get' and support us for who we are.
We focus on the seven Creative Archetypes and how they show up on three different levels (Primary, Secondary and Mental Body). To accomplish this, we need to not only see the positive expressions of each archetype but how each has a particular manner of self-denial. We also introduce the 7 levels of actualization for each Creative Archetype, linking these ways of being to behaviors that can be identified. Without a conscious understanding of the actualizations, sequencing problems (identification of Primary, Secondary and Mental Body) are common. We also spend considerable time discussing the various kinds of creative imprinting because it leads to confusion, particularly in the sequencing of our true creative archetypes.
We will provide a three-hour class on Monday nights for each of the twelve classes. In addition we will provide coaching reviews on Zoom.
If you are interested in coaching, we are interested in your feedback about potential times to do the reviews. With these new perspectives and calibration skills we learn to understand how to best communicate with our coaching clients.
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