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Introduction To Couples Discovery (Free Intro)

A free intro presentation describing our couples program.

From Co-Dependence To Co-Creativity

After years of ‘falling’ into relationships, we reach a point where we want to consciously choose our partners. We know we create our own destiny and we want to share it with others of like mind. Some of us find deeply satisfying friendships, but have difficulty in romantic relationships because of unbalanced attractions and co-dependent patterns. After developing Self Love and deepening into the relationship with ourselves, we are finally ready to search for similar creative partners in our journey. Some of us also want to transition our current partnerships into conscious commitments.

As couples, we want to become better aligned in our ability to vision, create and implement our aspirations. To do this, we need to find and recreate the harmony of our initial commitment. Without this core agreement, it is easy to grow apart or even give up on the aspirations we seek together. It is also critical to understand and accept each other as we are, which can be an ever evolving process. This discussion builds upon the 15 Compatibility Factors by providing a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each relationship. Our assessments bring a large range of tools and perspectives so we can honor our intuitive nature and make relationships a masterpiece of creative expression.  

Improving our conflict-resolution skills is a key aspect of this discussion. There is not a simple prescription for how to be with a partner that always works. It is a process of mutual discovery. There is a way to be with each other that is built on a mutual appreciation, respect and esteem. We call this Common Neutral Ground, where we hold an independent space for the relationship. This allows us to separate our personal issues from the relationship space. When we use this as a baseline for working through difficult challenges, it gives us greater confidence and capacity to work on larger creative projects. The goal is to become more magnetic and creatively powerful so we can respond to opportunities and have a larger impact on the world. Co-Creative couples can be three to seven times more expressive because they have a better foundation and reflective balance that uplifts the people around them.

Facilitators: Larry Byram & Karen Thorson

Class ScheduleTuesday, August 212018

Location: 2945 Center Green Court, Ste. E, Boulder, CO 80301

Class Times: 6 to 9pm MST