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Recognizing Defenses

How To See And Value Defensive Patterns

Defenses provide a superficial framework of identity about who we think we are. Most of us do not separate defenses from our greater creative identity, the result being that we become creatively submerged and over-identified with how others’ reactions (towards us) define us. Defenses are constructed from reactive experiences where we have become entangled in the fears and desires of others. There is an irony that until we consciously step into our own Creative Nature it is the debris and history of our actions that define our personality characteristics.

By being our Defense, we try to make ourselves more important and relevant. Survival and success programming become defined by our defensive nature and we elevate Fears, Desires and Self Importance over Creative aspirations. Before we go further, Defenses, (like Pretenses and Imprinting), are defined by our environment and as we become conscious, we transcend this protective conditioning. Arguing for our Defense is the same as arguing for self-imposed limitations. It is not a recommended Higher Alignment approach!

Most people derive value from Higher Alignment because they see how they no longer have to operate in self-limiting patterns. Our descriptions, particularly about Defenses, describe how we can release ourselves from partial truths and beliefs of our childhood. It is natural to be someone who has a unique contribution to make in the world. Defensive identification (conversely) limits our growth and sabotages hope. The irony of a Defense is that it focuses us on what we are not and does not allow us to embrace our Creative Being. Defenses are completely predictable, while creativity is not. Using the justification that they are a necessary protection mechanism means defenses steal our lives. To heal our defense, we need to embrace the three pairs of opposites that disconnect us from Life, Light and Love.

When we get caught in defensive distortions we act out our fears, which wreaks havoc. What makes these patterns difficult are the many times we cannot see, accept or experience them for the terror they invoke in others. This is how disengagement, distraction, bullying, sexual harassment, crime, racial discrimination, alienation and domestic abuse occur. Defenses are as powerful as we make them. Some individuals (sadly) invest their entire lives in building better defenses. They do this because in a Defense there is no real reflection or feedback from others. Defensive individuals either look scary, disconnected or invisible. No one wants to be seen fully in his or her defense because it creates confusion in others. The choice to heal our defense is the first step on the path of enlightenment.

HA is hopeful that the more we know about Defenses, the less we will need to employ them. Also, it is important to acknowledge that people’s Defenses have merit. Defenses work to protect us, otherwise we would not spend so much energy maintaining and developing them. As we gain consciousness, we detach from our defenses, and instead try to learn how they appear in relation to the assumptions of others. This makes it easier to avoid entanglements. Each Defense has its own way of being honored, so most things we do with them do not have to trigger reactions. The more clearly we see our Defense, the more finesse we demonstrate in moving through life without expending valuable time and energy. Defenses, literally, suck.

What makes a Defense harder to identify is when we are trapped in our own Defenses. Defenses minimize our Energy, Time and Space, contracting and limiting our ability to see better options. If we had past incidents where we reacted badly, we may get re-simulated to create them, confusing the current situation. We need to clear these old patterns to recover our energy. There are many dimensions to our Defense patterns, and each responds differently (as will be shown in the course). We need to be clear about all the variations so we do not become inadvertently trapped. There are four basic Defense patterns, and these may be covered up by four Facades, where we pretend to “be” another layer of defense. When a parent does not accept our Defense style (because it does not fit their idea of who we should be), it creates layers of confusion. This is what we seek to clarify in this course.

The purpose of this course is to empower participants to see and respond to different defensive patterns easily and without effort. One of the key shifts in Higher Alignment is being able to choose individuals who share our same Defense pattern, and not get fixated by our opposite Defense Style. When we do not accept our Creative Nature, we tend to be attracted to partners with opposite defense styles to our own. We are trained to ‘not’ see similar defense individuals, particularly when they are possible romantic partners. In this course, we provide hundreds of photos of each defense type to help students identify the physical and energetic markers of each defense style. Every “Recognizing” class at Higher Alignment is specially formatted to provide examples and practice quizzes to be completed with the group. At the end of each class we will begin to see these differences in others. Studying the coursework will complete our process.

Class 1: Recognizing Distant Defense Style—June 21st
Class 2: Recognizing Dynamic Defense Style—July 19th
Class 3: Recognizing Disarming Defense Style—August 2nd
Class 4: Recognizing Disnamic Defense Style—August 16th

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