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Recognizing Defenses :: Class 2: Recognizing Dynamic Defense Style

Dynamic Defense Styles are the result of denying our feminine and emphasizing our masculine.We emphasize Mastery, Time and Task centered management and goal-centric activities. We act outwardly strong and certain, even when we are not. We are identified by a perimeter Defense Style, with hidden emotional vulnerabilities. We are strong in objective, experiential modalities, such as Sensations and Thoughts. We use our intellectual framework to enhance Security. We demonstrate strong autonomy and self esteem while seeking intimacy and self respect. Dynamic people are primarily motivated by being seen getting the job done. Being acknowledged is everything. Feelings and Emotions are controlled so they do not get out of control. Power is generated by being able to impose their thoughts on others. They use order and structure to justify taking positions that elevate them over others. They break down each problem so it can be appreciated and solved.

As Dynamic individuals, we admire strength, despise weakness and will fight (when challenged) to prove ourselves. We validate our Truth intellectually by getting people to agree with our assumptions. Since defenses are partial truths, we are highly susceptible to Illusions. Sometimes, we get caught up in Intensity, because we cannot distinguish our own Truth. This is why we seek Wisdom in others and try to learn more about circumstances from them. The biggest illusion we confront is that information is power. When we do not consider all the possibilities, we are susceptible to snap judgments that end up backfiring. Our biggest fear is that we are not loved. To resolve this, we invest in activities and intellectual support to convince others we are behind them.

Dynamic individuals seek truth but have difficulty being complete with it. Our time-centeredness drives us into competitive situations, where we always measure our performance vs. others’. We believe that a good offense is the best defense and therefore seek to throw others off balance so we will have an advantage. We rarely trust our intuition, even if we have developed it as part of our creative expression. It is not recommended to confront or make fun of the truth of a Dynamic individual. It will not end well! Through the review of hundreds of pictures, we explore the various physical and energetic characteristics that indicate a Dynamic Defense Style,. Our objective is to offer enough examples so we will be able to see these characteristics in life. The class also comes with all presentations (in PDF format) and video recordings.

Facilitators: Larry Byram & Sandra Jaquith

Class Schedule: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 6-9pm MT

Location: 2945 Center Green Court, Ste. E, Boulder, CO 80301 (or by webinar)