Authentic Life Expression

This self-paced series consists of twelve classes including 12 Video sessions, downloadable pdf’s and mp3 audio files. No Prerequisites required although we do recommend taking Creative Uniqueness before this class.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Transform Your Life In 12 Weeks! Do you believe we are born as blank slates, devoid of purpose and personality? Are we here in this life to bounce around randomly? Most of us live a life that expresses our parents’ expectations of who they want us to be rather than who we are. Authentic Life Expression is a self discovery process where we regain the ‘knowing’ we were born with: who we are and the natural gifts we are meant to contribute to the world. Once we self- actualize into our Authentic Life Expression we can: 1] enjoy greater self love; 2] attract relationships that are more fulfilling and supportive; and 3] discover our authentic life work and purpose. The main objective of this course is to clarify and transform the meaning of how we contribute. This will open up flexibility and remove the guilt, blame and shame that have limited our ability to implement our purpose. How do we know when we are making progress? What are the indicators we are experiencing greater success and fulfillment? What is the balance we are seeking so our life experience is appreciated for what it is? Authentic Life Expression provides answers that offer unified and practical solutions for selecting our best contribution.

Authentic Life Expression is, first and foremost, a self-discovery process that reveals what we can contribute without losing ourselves. Second, it supports the discovery of how to best work with others to achieve mutual synergistic results. If we want to be treated well and honored by our natural life expression, we need to honor the life expression and well being of others. We want creative, conscious, authentic connections that allow us to operate with the highest integrity and benefit for all. This is not something we wish for, rather it is something we generate and make real in seven steps. It is important to realize this work will not enhance our external self-image without a major reevaluation of our internal self-image. Revealing our deepest truths eventually prevails (over our fantasies) when we follow this transformational process. This self-paced online webinar includes 12 class videos download links for pdf’s of the classes and mp3 audio files. It also includes video of 3 presentation events where clients discuss their progress. Recommended prerequisite is the HA Creative Uniqueness series.

Breaking Out of Our Preconceptions For those seeking a comprehensive solution to what most fulfills them, look no further! This course begins with an education about our personal gifts. It offers a map that not only affirms who we are creatively but provides a targeted assessment of the obstacles we encounter and need to overcome. During this class, we learn how to become more resourceful and how to identify our natural constituents. This supports us in making the transition from how we defined ourselves in the past to choosing new pathways that strengthen us, because we have a natural creative capacity. We talk about how to define our Mission, Vision and Values, so we can live our purpose. We also help to identify the support people we already have and those we need to add to create balance in our exchanges with others. The key quality we want to bring out is how we customize our capacity to serve our Constituents.

Traditional parenting and education systems promote defining ourselves in terms of others; we lose our connection to who we are. Our need to survive drives us to get the acceptance and attention of others at the cost of our own creativity. We lose our boundaries and autonomy and believe that the only way to succeed is to be what others want us to be. Self-denial prevents us from seeking the truth about our creative contribution. Finding our natural life expression begins with honoring our own truth and evolves as we learn to recognize and serve the well being of our constituencies (or clients). Just surviving and outwardly succeeding is not enough; we must persevere in attracting those where we can serve and be served in return. This is the secret of Authentic Life Expression: we discover it by honoring our deepest knowing and it is validated by the mutual growth and value we create with others.

When we do work that does not support and nourish our well being, we can easily believe our aspirations are impossible. The Authentic Life Expression course invokes the capacity to live life as Creative Beings, not just reactionaries who learn through trial and error. We use an individual’s Primary, Secondary and Mental Body creative expressions to assist in validating what has meaning for us. We invite newcomers to the process by offering a free mini Compatibility Assessment as part of the course. We discover how to acknowledge conditioning, defensiveness and idealization. We affirm our authentic service and how we naturally expand when ‘seen’ by others for who we truly are. The result is an increased ability to recognize and transcend self-sabotaging choices.

The Second stage of Authentic Life Expression is learning how to hold our Truth independent of the truth of others. When we deny our Complete Truth, our Knowing is split between honoring or denying how others perceive us. We do not know how to engage the differences between our perceptions and theirs and so we create positions to protect ourselves. We either choose friends and associates by how much they agree or disagree with our perceptions, using the tension as a motivator for proving our capability. Either way, we are caught up in patterns of denying parts of our knowing to develop a sense of independence. Our healing occurs when we become conscious about how our partial truths attract what we most fear, encouraging us to redefine our selves in more holistic ways. When we are caught up in our “insecurity” positions we lose our ability to grow because we focus on proving we are not fearful. The Truth of who we are teaches us to be more accepting of the reality of others so we can be more inclusive and open.

The Third stage of Authentic Life Expression is learning how to be present with our Goodness, so we no longer project our fears and desires on others. When we deny Goodness, our need to demonstrate our creative power shows up as idealizing goals, people or processes in a way that naturally sabotages our connection with others. This split between honoring our goodness and demanding others live up to it, creates attraction when they act as we wish and repulsion when they do not. We do not know how to be in a mutual learning process because we believe that others should see and conform to our great ideas and goals. Our healing occurs when we become conscious about how our goodness does not have to be in alignment to produce great results. What this requires is a larger context where mutual learning occurs. When we can be seen and accepted as we are, it creates a trust to continually grow and evolve with others. At its core, Idealism contains an unwillingness to trust our Self and others. We need to learn how to challenge our past and embrace new experiences. The Goodness of who we are teaches us to be more loving of the path of others, so we can be more authentically supportive.

Authentic Life Expression manifests when we can see and honor our natural Beauty, Truth and Goodness. In this transpersonal space no one can deny, compete or discount our creative contribution. We are accessible to our self and others, and we are therefore able to recognize our constituents. Constituents are those individuals who are naturally drawn to support, enhance and enrich our contributions. Along the way, we release our Attachments, Positions and Projections (about who we should be) and how we imagine we can best contribute. This requires using all of our sensory modalities (Sensations, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, Intuition) in unison. We learn we do not need validation and agreement from others about how we should participate. Instead, we operate from a place of Autonomy, Integrity and Enthusiasm in our capacity to contribute and we are simultaneously served in the process. This requires going beyond the expectations of our parents, the ‘values’ of our peers, and even our attempts to fix problems that plagued us in childhood.

We know we are embodying our Life Expression when we no longer need to protect, defend or affirm ourselves through performance. Authentic Life Expression becomes a humble inner question about how to serve, and we validate our embodiment by attracting others to participate with us. When we are present with our Authentic Life Expression, we can effectively orchestrate its manifestation. There will be twelve class nights where we do two processes per class. In addition, we offer three presentation events where attendees present their discoveries to the group as a whole. You will participate in guided imagery processes to build an inner connection to your Authentic Life Expression. You are encouraged to keep a dream diary to deepen your experience of the overall process.

Authentic Life Expression Classes And Presentations

  1. Free Introduction see - My Products
  2. Seven Steps To Creative Fulfillment
  3. Staging Our Creative Principles
  4. Mapping Our Growth In Our Creative Expression
  5. Owning Our Life Lessons: Re-Sourcing
  6. Understanding and Interpreting Our History
  7. Clarifying Our Contribution, Creative Gifts and Constituents
  8. Being Your Purpose
  9. Mission, Vision, Values: Creating a Life Expression Plan
  10. Unifying Primary, Secondary and Mental Body Expressions
  11. Obtaining Creative Clarity
  12. Recognizing Creative Partners
  13. True Service: Being Our Purpose


Group Presentation Classes

  1. Considering Our Options
  2. Constituency Feedback Presentation
  3. Life Expression Plan Presentation


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Authentic Life Expression Series
A Value Package offering one introductory course, 12 individual classes, and three presentations by class participants, including downloadable pdf's, audio and video recordings,
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Authentic Life Expression Free Intro
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ALE Class 1: Authentic Life Expression Seven Steps
ALE Class 2: Authentic Life Expression-Creative Principles
ALE Class 3: ALE Mapping Our Growth
ALE Class 4: Owning Lessions-ReSourcing
ALE Class 5: Interpreting Our History
ALE Class 6: Being Your Purpose
ALE Class 7: Clarifying Contribution
ALE Class 8: Mission, Vision, Values
ALE Class 9: Unify Primary, Secondary & MB
ALE Class 10: Creative Clarity
ALE Class 11: Recognizing Creative Partners
ALE Class 12: True Service
ALE Presentation Session 1 - 9/16/17
ALE Presentation Session 2 - 10/14/17
ALE Presentation Session 3 - 11/18/17