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COC Creativity Over Co-Dependence 12-Week Series

Creativity Over Co-Dependence is a 12-week series on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:30 pm MDT beginning May 7, 2020. This course breaks down false assumptions and beliefs, and allows us to redirect our coping mechanisms so they do not get in the way of Life, Light, and Love. This is an experiential class, having two partner practices and a creative visualization process, for applying this work to our lives. Instead of limiting an experience to keep from losing it, let us open ourselves up to our self-validated complete experience. It opens up the door to greater power, passion, and joy. With Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith, and Tom Faggiano.

Finding Complete, Conscious Partners

When we join a partner in an aligned learning processes we are uplifted and enhanced.