Conscious Relationship Training Programs

Conscious Relationship Training

Examining who we are, what we want in relationships and why

This website is for aspiring conscious individuals who would like to be using all of their inherent relationship tools. It begins with the premise that each person has a preset creative design that we seek to manifest. This design determines not only how we contribute but also how we develop. It begins with selecting partners that enhance and deepen our options rather than undermine them. We learn about Compatibility Factors to understand our options. Only by appreciating our own creative nature can we appreciate both the similarities and differences in others. Compatibility Factors along with frameworks of Motives, Attractions and Relationship Skills define our developmental path. What Higher Alignment does is clarify our choices so we can accelerate and amplify the quality of our relationships.

The more we invest in our relationship self-discovery process the quicker we can manifest conscious co-creative relationships. It is our creative drive not just our personality that makes us who we are. Connecting our creative gifts to others amplifies this process by making co-creative partnerships possible. Currently codependent relationships are the norm and we struggle to be seen for our creative capabilities. The benefit of conscious co-creative relationships is that partners love us for who we are and not because of what we provide. Many of us are caught in a needs fulfillment exchange where we are only conditionally loved. Living in codependent relationships is about safety, security and self-importance. Until we love our creative nature, we will only participate in shadow side of relationships. Co-creative relationships awaken us to choosing partners that match us in the same Compatibility Factors. This eliminates 75% of the work of maintaining compromised codependent relationships.

To manifest co-creative relationships requires an investment in knowing who we are, what we want and how to connect consciously to others. This can only happen if we free ourselves from our own baggage of Imprinting, Defenses and Pretenses. By releasing Attachments, Positions and the need to Project on each other we open the door to living in the moment with Pleasure, Creative Power and Passion. Higher Alignment provides a full Creative Assessment and coaching program to assist you in seeing your own creative greatness. We provide classes and discussion groups to examine what is working and what is not. This is your invitation to make conscious connections, have enlightened conversations and explore co-measurement and creative communion. Trust your inner knowing about whether this program is right for you.

In order to navigate this website, we have grouped classes into programs that will appeal to different people. This is our effort to make sure that people understand the full range of offerings provided by Higher Alignment. Use the list below to navigate to your interest quickly.


Finding Conscious Partners

For individuals looking to understand what makes the best partner. When we have identified your compatibility characteristics, we will also know the best pattern for your partners. These classes help you to know what to look for to make the best choice.

Enlightened Dating

Finding Complete, Conscious Partners

Recognizing Compassionate

Recognizing Visionaries

Recognizing Inventors

Recognizing Investigators

Recognizing Storytellers

Recognizing Dynamic Defense

Recognizing Disarming Defense

Recognizing Disnamic Defense

Recognizing Communication Process

Recognizing Pacing

Recognizing Decision Making Approach

Recognizing WorldView


Couples Discovery

If you currently have a partner why not find out how to make your relationship to each other the best it can be? Join us in learning together how to make your relationship an opportunity for co-creative partnership.

Couples Discovery


Compatibility Factors

Learn the ABC’s of creative patterns. Find out how to minimize our differences and build upon our similarities to improve any relationship.

Creative Uniqueness

Recognizing Creativity


Love & Common Neutral Ground

Radiant Self Unifying Love is contrasted with personality forms of love (driven be safety, security and the need for self-importance). CNG is an energetic conscious process of connection for creating autonomous creatively empowered relationships. These perspectives are at the core of Higher Alignment practices.

Loving Our Creative Self

12 Practices of a Common Neutral Ground


Authentic Life Expression

It is best to know who we are and how we contribute to choose partners who are creatively aligned. Authentic Life Expression is a development process to prepare ourselves for great relationships.

Owning Our Creative Gifts

Creative Actualization

Authentic Life Expression


Eliminating Our Baggage

Healing and eliminating the obstacles to our full creative expression empowers conscious connections. These classes provide an in-depth review of the cost of imprinting, defenses and pretenses.

Eliminating Imprinting

Healing Pretenses

Defensive Healing

Healing Co-Dependence

Recognizing Objectification

Recognizing Subjectification

Recognizing Idealization

Recognizing Co-Dependence


Growing Relationships Now

Conscious growth builds intent, content and context. These become the tools of motives, attractions and relationship skills. Anyone wanting to expand their relationships needs to know how to do this.

Motives In Action

Types of Attractions

Heart Centered Relationship Skills


Creative Assessments

A Creative Assessment is a personal way to confirm or focus on how you want to grow. Before we can expand who we are we need to accept where we are right now. Assessments are nonjudgmental support processes.

Mini Assessment

Full Assessment

Relationship Assessment


Inner Seeing

This series is for people who are committed to internalizing all the conscious distinctions of Higher Alignment. Inner Seeing provides tools for recognizing where others are operating and what this means. With Inner Seeing understanding we can use these tools in all areas of life. It is a pre-requisite for Higher Alignment Coaches and Facilitators.

Inner Seeing I

Inner Seeing II

Inner Seeing III

Inner Seeing For Children I


Relationship Coaching

This is the summarization of a qualification process that Higher Alignment has presented for over 25 years. It provides the foundation for the conscious recreation and transmission of conscious empowerment.

No classes posted at present


Special Events and Presentations

Events reflect our history and collaborations with other people and organizations.

No classes posted at present


Relationship Coaching

How to use conscious Higher Alignment tools for facilitation and coaches.

No classes posted at present

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