ED20 Enlightened Dating 2020 12-Part Series

Enlightened Dating is a self-paced series consisting of twelve classes (and a free intro class) including 13 Video sessions, downloadable pdfs of class slides and mp3 audio files. Prerequisites: Selecting Great Partners; Creative Uniqueness recommended. $397.00.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Consider how much more confident you would be if you intimately knew what you are looking for and how to confirm it in partners. Imagine knowing how to engage a relationship possibility while not being attached to a pre-defined outcome. This ability to make a conscious choice is the purpose of this course. It clarifies the difference between what you believe you want in relationship and what would work for you in each relationship. The tools learned will benefit all our your relationships as we come to know what works. We provide guidance that supports you in knowing exactly what the short and long-term nature of each relationship. It also supports you in recognizing how your internal needs correspond to the complementary needs of partners, without falling into co-dependence.

Engaging this process will produce a huge transformation in how you connect with others. While we will introduce some of the 15 Compatibility Factors and provide in-depth reading about how you operate, this is not a course on compatibility factors. For that, we recommend Creative Uniqueness. It is an introduction to how Motives, Attractions and relationship Skills combine to define the lessons in each relationship. It also provides a diagnostic model for understanding what did not work in previous relationships. We will discuss how patterns of co-dependence and defenses get you in trouble in relationships. We will demonstrate how personality attractions towards others reflect where you have denied your Creative Self. Our objective is to show you how to recognize and heal those places where you are limiting your choices. .

You will discover that many of your cherished beliefs about who you are as a partner may not be serving you. We encourage you as a participant to validate your “in-the-moment” experience so you do not need to seek affirmation from others. Particularly, we will challenge your self-limiting personality perceptions about Beauty, Truth and Goodness. You are encouraged to use your new understanding and try out the suggestions in actual dating situations as the course develops. This feedback cycle brings a richness and practical dimension to the course, and you’ll begin to see how your dating assumptions have been sabotaging you. While the course provides guidelines and suggestions for improving your choices, there is never any judgment about the choices you make. This is because the course is designed to allow you to deepen your experience in a systematic way at a speed that suits you. For those who have previously attended Higher Alignment courses, there are new distinctions presented in this process.

You learn how to embrace and use rejection as a tool of learning and release, so it is to your benefit. You begin to see why certain patterns of behavior create reactions within you. This leads you to make more conscious choices and supports you in disengaging from certain individuals who are not aligned with you. This means we can trust and let the possibilities show up they do. This course makes clear how to establish a friendship first so that your truth can be shared in a way that facilitates both parties. This also permits you to explore the deeper possibilities of Co-Creative interactions where life alignment can be clarified. The course facilitates this process by assisting you in clarifying your aspirations in relationship so there are no surprises later on. It is important to realize that this is not about idealizing your relationships but rather affirming that you can speak your Truth and be met by your partner without personality distortions..

A Course Topic List

  1. Being Present — Engagement using CNG, Focusing on Non-Doing
  2. Connecting Authentically — What the connection type tells us; embracing Unlearning
  3. Communicating With Consciousness — What differences and distortions indicate
  4. Expressing Vulnerabilities — Being human and self-revealing; healing defenses
  5. Embracing Similarities — Autonomous, authentic interactions make our day
  6. Accepting Differences — Honoring our partner as different and unique to us
  7. Red Flag Concerns — Identifying what could compromise our connection
  8. Growth Assessments — Defining our common lessons and repulsions
  9. Timing Compromises — Considering how to integrate and empower our path
  10. Building Unity — Assessing the results of creative projects together
  11. Mutual Support — What is the degree of Co-Measurement?
  12. Synergistic Expression — Accepting our Co-Creativity levels


Picture of ED FREE INTRO ~ Enlightened Dating
ED FREE INTRO ~ Enlightened Dating
Free Intro Class to Enlightened Dating 2019 - Bringing Out the Best in Us , is a self-paced class.
Picture of ED20 Enlightened Dating 2020 Series
ED20 Enlightened Dating 2020 Series
Enlightened Dating is about seeing the good and bad in our partners to find the one who sees, appreciates and loves us fully for who we are. To accomplish this we must stop looking at our partners as caretakers, power brokers, or needs fulfillment mechanisms. With Co-Creativity (instead of Co-Dependence) we manifest a playful and joyful sharing that is based upon a personal sense of Autonomy.