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The Cost Of Defensiveness is a Free Intro to Transpersonal Defensive Healing with Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith, and Tom Faggiano. With registration you will receive recordings including Video, downloadable pdf of slides, and mp3 audio file. LInks will be sent via email within 24 hours. No Prerequisites required.

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Free Intro to Transpersonal Defensive Healing


Neutralizing Cultural & Perception Distortions

Our defensive identities by default attract problems that we are not prepared to solve. Each defense is basically a pattern of self-denial of life, light, or love expression. The assumptions of our defenses keep us from operating in a state of creativity, truthfulness and harmony. Instead, defenses are the source of immense pain, irritation, possessiveness, intensity, competition, comparison, and anxiety. Without realizing it, by creating walls that isolate, separate, and insulate us from others, we effectively push away the very possibilities that would heal us. As a result, relationship patterns are repetitive attempts to solve unknown issues without developing the insights required.

We do not operate easily without defenses in a defensive world. Going beyond defenses begins with recognizing the environments we are operating in and seeing how each defense treats, motivates, and benefits different individuals. Our culture, institutions, and organizations are all based on larger versions of defensive patterns. This means our companies form themselves around mother wounded people, father wounded people, or both. Cities, regions, and countries create affinities that reflect conscious and unconscious patterns, as well. Our political identities are highly aligned to defensive differences and patterns. Even our progress, which is carried out by those who are the least defensive, still has to operate in a defensive community.

The cost of this is increasing stress, anxiety, and pressure to conform, perform, or reform our responses to meet others expectations and needs. We are highly attracted on unconscious levels to co-dependent partners who are the people most painful for us. Defensive reactions form connections where neediness and support are expected, making most relationships sources of trauma. Until we learn how to neutralize our reactions, we continue to send the message that what we want in a relationship is co-dependence. Co-dependence is also amplified by incomplete parental lessons, unbalanced experiential modality expression, and a lack of creative alignment. We are trapped in co-dependent patterns when we unconsciously avoid people who are similar to us. As this pressure grows, and the speed of cultural change increases, we take on complexity that exceeds our capacity to manage defensiveness, particularly the idealization or demonization of everyone.

How long can we continue to operate in defenses that only amplify our disharmony? How long will it take for us to realize that our defenses are collecting justifications for their ongoing expansion, at the cost of our creative expression? Unless we release ourselves from defensive identifications and transcend tribal identification to become co-creators in the world, we will fail as humanity. This occurs every day in relationships, when we cannot be alive, wise, and present with our partners. Defensive distortions amplify possessiveness, competition, and the illusion of safety and security in tribal groups. Authority structures are breaking down and increasing insecurity magnifies racial, religious, and cultural conflicts creating fragmentation and polarization of groups. We may end up destroying ourselves before global warming even gets warmed up.

The biggest issue in front of us is how can we learn to get along with others? Understanding defensive reactions and not taking it personally is the first step. We need to be able to work together on all levels: from personal relationships to communities to organizations to countries, and as global citizens. We have many creative differences, which need to be acknowledged and honored, rather than demonized and made wrong. Our defenses lead to objectification, subjectification and idealization, producing slavery, exploitation, intellectual and cultural elitism, and a competition for prestige and influence that is never-ending. Defensive patterns need to be moderated and healed if we are to have a better future.

Find out more about the direct connections between possessiveness, reductionistic thinking, and idolatry in this introductory event. Defenses inspire ambitions that are not sustainable and will only end up as warfare. Healing our defenses means taking ownership for our own out-of-balance energetic states. Ironically, it is our defensive distortions which constantly drive us to be unhappy and unfulfilled. Letting go of our defenses can be a rebirth: both personally and in our healthy communities. Our lives can be fulfilling without stress.

TDH FREE INTRO: The Cost of Defensiveness ~ A Free Intro to Transpersonal Defensive Healing
The Cost Of Defensiveness, a Free Intro to Transpersonal Defensive Healing, is a live Webinar offered on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm MST with Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith, and Tom Faggiano. With registration you will receive a Zoom link on the day of the event and later you will receive recordings of the event including Video, downloadable pdf of slides, and mp3 audio file. No Prerequisites required.