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Free Intro Class to Enlightened Dating 2019 - Bringing Out the Best in Us , is a self-paced class.
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Bringing Out The Best In Us: Consciously Engaging Our Partners. This is a FREE INTRO class to the series, Enlightened Dating, that consists of twelve classes including 12 Video sessions, downloadable pdfs of class slides, and mp3 audio files. Information: Call Sandra Jaquith at (303) 832-3707.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

We build our consciousness by becoming energetically sensitive. This arises naturally when we meet diverse individuals. The more we are willing to explore the unknown and expand beyond our comfort zone, the easier it is to become conscious about differences in people. Safety and security concerns attract us to those who seem familiar, whereas by expanding our creative self-acceptance, we begin to appreciate how others show up. What repulses us is when someone is not authentic or real in his or her interactions. This indicates they either have heavy imprinting from their parents (which confuses them) or are afraid to be perceived in a way that precipitates rejection (encouraging Defenses). When we accept our authentic creative nature, others with the same intention and capacity are easily attracted to us. This is the basis for affirming creatively similar individuals as our best partner possibilities.

Not many people take the time and energy to refine their creative self-identification and knowing. This makes it harder for them to have conscious interactions. The more our imprinting, pretenses and defenses distort our true creative expression, the more difficult it becomes to connect with those with less awareness. There is a misalignment in Intent (Life energy), Content (Wisdom or Light energy) and Context (Love energy) when we hide from our own creative nature. The purpose of the Creative Uniqueness course is to offer guidance regarding the differences that can be energetically experienced. It is important to remember that the distinctions or patterns we each experience are not necessarily the truth of others. They may not agree with us or may be living in their own distortions. This means we choose to adapt to others, which requires an overhead that does not occur with aligned partners. .

The purpose of dating is to refine our capacity to perceive what could work for us as a long-term partner. The more conscious we are, the less we are trapped in defensive patterns. This means we see ourselves as creative beings, able to respond and not react to those who are different. It means we energetically sense how to acknowledge and honor others as they want to be seen, rather than imposing our way of seeing someone upon them. This indicates that we have become creatively actualized and individuated and accept our own perceptions while allowing others to see us as they will. Most importantly, it reflects we have matured to the point where others do not define us nor do we define ourselves by others’ standards. In this space of Autonomy we can see and attract partners with the same life expression and creative patterns. The more we engage creative projects together, the clearer we become about what makes a great partner for us. Register for Enlightened Dating now!