OOCG Free Intro for Owning Our Creative Gifts: Creative Spectrum

FREE Intro to Owning Our Creative Gifts: Spectrum of Creativity
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Interested in exploring your own Creative Actualization Pyramid? Wath this FREE Intro. 

This is the Free Intro to the self-paced series Owning Our Creative Gifts that consists of 21 classes including 21 Video sessions, downloadable pdfs of classes and mp3 audio files. Prerequisites: a Higher Alignment Creative Assessment. Creative Uniqueness, and Recognizing Creativity are recommended.

Classes may be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Free Intro to Owning Our Creative Gifts: Spectrum of Creativity

Spectrum of Creativity

Few of us have a clear idea of who we are and how we best contribute. This is because we have grown up in a society that has confused ideas about creativity. The ways we try to implement our creativity are mostly where we attempt to be the same or different than our parents. If we are able to get beyond this, our defenses (the half or partial truths) become the way we hide our creativity. This means that less than 20 percent of us have authentic perceptions and experiences regarding creative expression. For those few who succeed at being creatively authentic, their big issue is finding others that can see and accept them as they are. It is easier for people to be jealous, envious or competitive if they see us accomplishing what they cannot.

The 21 classes we call Owning Our Creative Gifts awaken us to our unique creative contributions. Following the guidance of Higher Alignment, we recommend five particular classes (of the 21) that assist in knowing and celebrating our creative nature. When correctly identified, the Spectrum of Creativity, provides a roadmap for acknowledging, empowering and refining our intelligence and self-awareness. Imagine stepping into a way of being that empowers us to act with purpose, beauty and joy. Owning Our Creative Gifts reveals the key to what motivates people to become contributors. It validates our own inner journey to become conscious of our nature so we can excel at being ourselves. It supports the understanding of where we are in our creative process so we can make expansive and succinct contributions.

We see creativity as a spectrum of seven distinct qualities. These qualities, from the most masculine to the most feminine are: Implementer, Orchestrator, Investigator, Storyteller, Visionary, Compassionate and Inventor. Each person has three expressions we name the Primary, Secondary and Mental Body. Each level of expression has its own purpose and place in our evolution. From the bottom up, we develop our Mental Body to actualize ourselves in the pursuit of survival and safety and develop rules that protect us. In effect, we explore who we are as a set of three expectations. On the Secondary level, we implement our creativity to be successful and secure. Our intention is to deepen into the understanding of Self through the development of three values. On the Primary level, we seek to contribute to experience fulfillment. This is accomplished by the development of three virtues. This is how we increase our ability to see the larger picture and accept the context and consciousness of our contribution.

Each client can benefit by first engaging their Mental Body, Secondary and Primary expressions in a bottom-up process that matches their self-discovery. This is the path of outer exploration that most individuals are familiar with. We learn the distinct qualities that represent who we are instinctively, intellectually and idealistically as we embrace our evolution. The second phase is a top down sequence where we use same expression to centralize ourselves around it. It is this transfiguration process where we finally accept ourselves and our purpose. In this deepening we explore the same expression, but on a Secondary or Mental Body level to provide the bridge to unify our sense of Self with our outer expressions. This is the reason our Primary Expression supersedes everything else.

A Creative Assessment identifies your five creative elements: • Mental Body Expression (defines what safety means to us) • Secondary Creative Expression identification (defines our success) • Primary Creative Expression identification (defines what is fulfilling to us) • The same as Primary, but as a Secondary expression (centralization #1) • The same as Primary, but as a Mental Body expression (centralization #2) For those who have not experienced a creative assessment or been in a class where our Primary, Secondary or Mental Body expressions have been identified, you will need to take this step to make the transition meaningful and pertinent. Join us for this free event to discuss the principles of Owning Our Creative Gifts.