CNGP Common Neutral Ground Playshop

Common Neutral Ground Playshop
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Common Neutral Ground Playshop

Affirming Conscious Connections

Common Neutral Ground is an energetic practice where we create space for our own truth, so we are able to differentiate it from the truth of others. Common Neutral Ground (abbreviated CNG) assists us in being Autonomous, enhances our capacity to be Intimate, and empowers us to be Co-Creative. The basic premise is that our relationships deserve a separate, uncompromised creative environment (where each party can be themselves). Without this ability to see our truth both independent of others and in relationship to them, we lack conscious tools to grow with them. When we keep these spaces separate, it allows us to identify when an issue is personal to us or related to the relationship. Since a reaction (when it occurs) indicates either a personal or relationship compromise, we can identify the type of issue we are dealing with by the space in which it occurs. Otherwise, we confuse our issues by projecting them onto others (so nothing gets resolved). Establishing a CNG is a way of simultaneously expressing your truth while listening and engaging the truth of others, which permits both parties to be themselves without compromise. In this way, the purpose of a CNG is to establish a framework for connecting that will mutually honor each party.

Center your energy in your heart, and take a piece of energy that you can invest in relationships without losing anything, and put it aside. Make sure that you have a deep and permanent connection with your own heart, for maintaining this connection is necessary for your physical well-being. Using the energy put aside, imagine a tendril of energy coming from your heart to establish a bubble 12-14 inches in front of your heart. Imagine filling that bubble with the creative energies of who you are. Knowing that energy follows Thought, deepen the connection by strengthening the tendril of energy from your heart to the bubble that is your Common Neutral Ground. Look at creating a quick but personal way of doing this whenever you wish. Some people assign a unique color, size, texture, temperature, and/or pressure to this bubble.

Imagine putting your own unique expression in the bubble and moving your attention and energy into this space. Now remember to connect simultaneously with your heart energy so that you have an inner perspective and an outer reflection held in the Common Neutral Ground. When you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, invite others to connect to this Common Neutral Ground by welcoming them into it both metaphorically and outwardly. Notice how each person’s energy changes the dynamic of your CNG. You soon become sensitive to the quality, directness, and/or degree of “reflectiveness” that you experience with each different person. Anytime that others attempt to connect to you directly, divert this connection to the Common Neutral Ground, forcing them to connect to you through it. Connecting through the Common Neutral Ground will keep your connections to others clean and appropriate.

This class is experiential, even though it is an online event. Our connection through the internet actually helps us create separate boundaries so our personal space is unavailable to others. This means we are safe and do not need to react. How we connect is by putting our energy out into the CNG space and inviting a partner to show up. What we want to experience is how we can be more authentic in our sharing and enjoy the responsiveness we feel as we interact. Higher Alignment Coaches will guide you in your progress and provide feedback about CNG focus, energy and capacity. This class introduces the principles of a CNG, yet spends a majority of its time in guided imagery and practice between partners. You can bring your own partner(s) or have them chosen for you who is close to your creative expressions. If this is your first class with us, please come twenty minutes early so we can establish your three creative expressions.


Common Neutral Ground Logistics

Facilitators: Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith

Prerequisites: None

Self-paced Class

Cost: $79 (includes PDF of class slides, audio and video recordings)


Information: Call Sandra Jaquith at (303) 832-3707