Recognizing Creativity

This self paced online webinar, includes 12 Video sessions, download links to the pdf’s of classes and mp3 audio files. Prerequisite is Creative Uniqueness.

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Class Description

Seeing The Authentic Nature Of Others

The purpose of this course is to develop the capacity to see the creative differences in people around us. The Recognizing Creativity course is a framework for accelerated learning that provides insight into the behaviors of others. Individuals in all walks of life can use the techniques developed in Recognizing Creativity to be more observant about others in their lives. By identifying an individual's pattern, we know how they will respond if we engage them in a style best for them. The result is a successful, long-term and loving relationship. The more accurately we can see creative capabilities, the more we know which projects to choose with various individuals. This leads to greater follow-through and effectiveness in our creative development. We will cover the main Compatibility Factors learned from the Creative Uniqueness class.

Recognizing Creativity provides a life-long capability to see patterns in those around us. These patterns reflect our consciousness and we can use them to facilitate Life, Light and Love. Build your skill in knowing how to reach and accept those you love for who they are. Recognizing Creativity provides a way to quickly assess what works and what does not so we can adjust our activities to make things better. We cover the basic Compatibility Factors discussed in Creative Uniqueness. For those who want to maximize their ability to learn this process quickly, we recommend doing Creative Uniqueness and Recognizing Creativity in tandem. For those interested, it allows both the Inner Discovery and Outer Recognition to be done together

Why Is Authentic Seeing So Valuable?

Authentic Creative Expression is the foundation of our society. When we recognize the natural skills of another, and it matches what they think they are contributing, it builds confidence. On the other hand, non-aligned individuals that have only training for a certain profession, no matter how many credentials they have, will never attain our complete confidence. This reveals the duality of effort vs. natural skill. It is also true that knowing our partner’s natural gifts, allows us to relax with them, because these attributes will not change. It is also more interesting when a partner builds upon natural expressions and finds more sophisticated ways to contribute. One of the main values our learning to see Compatibility Factors is we know the spectrum of options and what qualities reveal a person inner truth. This means the longer we are around someone the more we see his or her growth and expression.

We focus on the 7 Creative Archetypes along with Communication Process, Decision Making Style, Pacing, WorldView, Defense Style and Façade. There are three primary applications: Identifying our best friends, choosing business partners and romantic relationships. Imagine being able to identify the people who most resonate with you in your community. Predict how others might respond when they are similar to you. Each class presents a tutorial on how we recognize a particular style, then provides examples for attendees to learn how to see these patterns in their daily interactions. One of the distinct aspects of this course is what amplifies or diminishes the implementation of a particular pattern. This is why certain factors are hard to see in some people. When we add Parental Imprinting to the mix, the process becomes more difficult. We point out ways to see through these distortions. Recognizing Creativity is an introduction to the Inner Seeing series, where we teach potential Coaches and Facilitators how to perform creative assessments.

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Recognizing Creativity Series
Seeing the authentic nature of others: A visual guide.
Recognizing Creativity Free Intro
Class 1: Recognizing Patterns Defenses
Seeing Defenses — Understanding How Best To Connect With Others.
Class 2: Recognizing Creativity Decision Making Process
Class 3: Recognizing Creativity Communication Process
Class 4: Recognizing Creativity Pacing
Class 5: Recognizing Creativity Pretenses
Class 6: Recognizing Creativity Orchestrator Implementer
Class 7: Recognizing Creativity Visionary
Class 8: Recognizing Creativity Compassionate
Class 9: Recognizing Creativity Inventor
Class 10: Recognizing Creativity Investigator
Class 11: Recognizing Creativity Storyteller
Class 12: Recognizing Creativity WorldView