Love & Common Neutral Ground

LOCS Loving Our Creative Self Series

A value package offering one introductory course and 12 individual classes. This course defines our Authentic Creative Nature and how we can recover the love for our self that has been lost since childhood.

CNG Twelve Practices Of A Common Neutral Ground Series

Common Neutral Ground supports us in creating clear boundaries so we are encouraged to express our Truth.

Bridging Social Distancing Part 1: Offsetting Social Pressure ~

Offsetting Social Pressure is a 4-hour recorded event and is the 1st Part of a 3-Part Series exploring ways to strengthen our energy fields and to use CNG (Common Neutral Ground) to authentically connect and deepen our relationships. The overall problem about co-dependence is that we never see our part in creating the situation with its polarities. We feel justified in acting out our pain, anger and resentment not realizing how much our behavior and motivations are based on a childhood belief. The choice seems to be between our partner’s disagreeable option and our own defensive protection reaction. Co-dependent individuals always make this trade off by reacting, falsely believing that they have to compromise themselves to have a relationship. Common Neutral Ground is a technique for creating autonomous connections where partners and friends cannot manipulate us. The more we know and accept ourselves as contributors in the world, the less we need to prove it. This is why, in conscious relationships, individuals create a transpersonal space for each relationship. Simultaneously, we affirm our personal space so we can always be connected to our life, light and love. We first need to acknowledge the fullness of our creative being to be able to see others in their gifts. Classes may be purchased as a series or individually and includes a live Webinar, Pdfs of the class slides, and video and audio recordings. With Larry Byram and Sandy Jaquith.