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Owning Our Creative Gifts

Owning Our Creative Gifts (OOCG) is a 21-part series that initiated the exploration of our creative gifts and ways of being that bring us joy (now available as recordings) . The exploration continues with the Creative Actualization Pyramid Process as a way to deepen our understanding of our creative energies as offered in Owning Our Creative Gifts. In order to build your personal Pyramid in the Creative Actualization Process, you need 5 of the OOCG classes - your Mental Body Expression, Secondary Expression, and the 3 levels of your Primary Expression.

Creative Actualization Pyramid Process ~ Deepening Our Creative Gifts

This course builds upon the pyramid structure of Owning Our Creative Gifts. Creative Actualization is a self-discovery process that reveals who we are and how we best contribute. It is designed for those who are tired of being in creative conflict with themselves and provides a pattern where we can examine and accept our own creative greatness.

Inner Seeing : Children's 1

The purpose of the Inner Seeing for Children course is to develop the capacity to see creative differences in children. It is for social workers, teachers, therapists and interested parents who wish to play a positive role in the upbringing of children.

ACG Seven Types of Coaching Formats (Classes 1-4) 2019

This class series deals with the differences and priorities in each type of coaching format. For those in the Higher Alignment Coaching program or with permission of instructor.

Free Intro: Inner Seeing for Children Tuesday August 27 at 6:00 MDT

The Free Intro Webinar class for Inner Seeing for Children is offered on Tuesday, August 27, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. MDT. The first class begins on Tuesday September 3. Register here and we'll send a Zoom link the day of the class.

Free Intro for Owning Our Creative Gifts: Creative Spectrum

FREE Intro to Owning Our Creative Gifts: Creative Spectrum