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Free Intro For Conscious Creative Sexuality - Choosing a Higher Path
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Conscious Creative Sexuality

Choosing A Higher Path

For many of us, sexuality is a mine field of unknown expectations. Even when the bombs don’t explode at first, it is only because we grew up in a similar family structure. This is also why, once we have a consistent lover, we are reluctant to give them up because we do not know if there will be anyone better. This means we are always surprised when someone is sufficiently interested to want to connect with us sexually. It is a sense of scarcity that creates isolation and puts us in survival fears. Trying to escape this through excitement is how we rouse ourselves from lethargic circumstances. Unconscious sexuality becomes a need for attention, connection and energetic release. These instinctive patterns serve to populate the planet, but come with a serious cost to our self-esteem and self-respect.

We end up questioning our choices when we get hurt. We are unable to see through the seduction strategies and romantic mythology of the exchanges. We lose confidence when we get ghosted, played or used to enhance someone else’s reputation. Instead of judging ourselves, we need to affirm who we are creatively and look for partners who are similar to us (like our friends). The beauty of this approach is that anything inauthentic is revealed, which lets us make better decisions. Improving the quality of our partners is a healthy response to the overt seduction and manipulation currently played out on the dating sites. We talk a lot about authenticity, but do not see many people living up to this possibility. We need real connection, communication and co-measurement to create the balance in relationship that promotes communion.

Higher Alignment suggests taking time and getting used to our partners first as friends. We want to establish the safety, security and passion in the relationship before jumping into physically intimacy. We also want to experiment with saying ‘no’ to each other. Establishing clear boundaries allows us to have further autonomy, intimacy and co-creativity. In this discussion, we focus on what you need to know before becoming intimate, so you are not surprised when issues emerge. We cover how to neutralize defenses, affirm our partner’s creativity and connect to them in a mutually loving way. We provide suggestions about how and when to move energies in a particular manner. We will clarify the conversations that are necessary to tune into our partners to validate a greater sense of unity. The goal, as with all the Higher Alignment work, is to increase our experience of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

We will do guided imagery to help guide our inner process in a conscious sexual connection. This program promises to bring up a lot of questions and there will be suggested ways to address each concern. The whole concept is to bring Light to what Conscious Creative Sexuality can be in the world.

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Free Intro Presentation: Choosing A Higher Path

Facilitators: Larry Byram, Karen Thorson, Ronda Loredo

Information: Call Sandra Jaquith at (303) 832-3707