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The Three Distractions – To Choosing Great Job Opportunities is the FREE INTRO to Authentic Life Expression, Part 1: Personality Re-orientation. Join us on Zoom for the FREE INTRO on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. with Larry Byram, Sandra Jaquith, and Tom Faggiano. Recordings of the class will be sent within 48 hours.

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The Three Distractions—To Choosing Great Job Opportunities

Possessive Appropriation, Limited Patience, Scattered Merging

Common wisdom suggests that safety fears, security desires and self-importance assertions are the main obstacles to contributing in larger ways. What this does not consider is our current state of energetic depletion, the stress of time compression due to overdone performance expectations, and a lack of creative integration or presence. We do not make great career or job choices when we do not know what we creatively desire. The more we become Actors, Performers and Dreamers, the greater our disconnection to our Beauty, Truth and Goodness. We are locked into repressive and reactive frameworks that arise from Possessive Appropriation, Limited Patience and Scattered Merging. These three distractions are false ways to identify ourselves when we do not feel safe, secure or important.

Possessive Appropriation is the distraction of building attachments to people and things to make us feel safe. By using attachments to ground our sensations and feelings, we can stabilize ourselves. What this requires is that we possess each attachment and can assert our claim on it. This is an objectification process where we demean others by making them objects of our desire. People act out their social expectations based on how others will react, so they can influence the outcome. The more we respond to guilt, the more we seek safety in what others want us to be. Caretaking is the result of disassociating and making others objects as well. This process can be identified by jadedness, jealousy and excitement, which are all energy depleting.

Limited Patience is the distraction of being at the effect of time and information content. The more we are defined by positions, and stressed out by the demand for change, the less patient we can be. In shame reactions, where our intelligence is at stake, we attempt to minimize any change or fight others who are imposing their truth upon us. This is due to our sensitivity to rejection and judgment. Our defenses are performances meant to demonstrate our power by defining the questions so that our pre-determined answers prevail. Subjectification imposes another’s truth upon us, and conveys an impatience that prevents feedback and integration. The result is disaffiliation and the repression of innate, self-validated wisdom. This process can be identified by competition, fighting, and intensity.

Scattered Merging is the distraction of projections and mirrored ideals, so no one really trusts their own perception. We seek validation and agreement in order to feel seen and valued. When you can’t tell the difference between feelings and emotions, your body and mind cannot synthesize any results. Therefore, your perceptions are distorted by Glamour and are illusionary. This confusion is caused by projections of good and bad on ourselves and others, and those appearing to be in control use this to confirm their self-importance. This promotes idealization, drama and envy of others. We need followers to make our dreams real without recognizing the skills required. Scattered Merging produces gaslighting, wishful thinking, or just enmeshment. These individuals are Dreamers, but they identify with their elaborate planning. They covet the position of influence and want others to defer to their insights.

These distractions deny authentic action (pleasure), thought (creative power), and desire (passion). They minimize our ability to change, grow and strive. Re-orienting our Personality Self requires breaking down our fears, desires and disconnected ideals so they can motivate rather than limit our choices. We need to learn personality detachment and embrace all the facets of our creative nature to fulfill/engage our Authentic Life Expression. By defining our Authentic Life Expression, we attract healthy, integrative and fulfilling opportunities. When we re-orient ourselves to abundant energy, time and space, a new capacity is born where clear Intent, comprehensive Content, and spacious Context empower our creativity.

Authentic Life Expression (ALE) will Be Presented in Two 12-Week Sessions, Session One in the Fall of 2022 and Session two in the Winter/Spring of 2023. Session One is a PREREQUISITE for Session Two. Personality Re-orientation: Laying the Foundation, Preparing the Way is a 12-week Zoom series on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. MDT, from September 6 through November 22, 2022.

Join us on Tuesday August 30 at 6:00 p.m. MDT for our FREE INTRO to ALE: Personality Re-orientation. Our Free Intro topic is “The Three Distractions—To Choosing Great Job Opportunities”.

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