Bridging Social Distancing Series ~

This package includes 3 separate classes of a 3-part Series, including [1] Offsetting Social Pressure from 1:00 - 5:00 pm ; [2] Making Our Experience Whole – Transition to an Online Community from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm; and [3] Mutual Respect, Esteem and Love from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Classes may be purchased as a series or individually and include a live Webinar, Pdfs of the class slides, and video and audio recordings. With Larry Byram and Sandy Jaquith.
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Bridging Social Distancing

Compulsory social distancing is an unsettling consequence of the Corona Virus pandemic. Maintaining a distance from everyone has turned our worlds upside down, disrupting relationships, business enterprises, shopping patterns, classrooms, recreational activities, and family routines by sheltering us in our homes. While we are required to remain separate physically, how do we enhance our connections? Most people are physically separate from us and we need to find ways to connect and deepen our relationships from a distance –catalyzing an online community. Some people are living in our homes and we need to find ways to maintain a healthy separation while we navigate day-to-day activities in very close quarters. We need different but related skills to facilitate these relationships. Common Neutral Ground (CNG) has never been more necessary or more relevant.

The first step in navigating the new terrain is to sustain balance and alignment within ourselves, reinforce our own energy field, enhance our natural boundaries, and maintain a consistent Common Neutral Ground. Our goal is to be present and grounded, amplifying conscious self-care. Second, we use CNG to neutralize co-dependence and deepen our family relationships, being careful of rising conflict – domestic abuse, severe punishment, anger control – while we find and establish release valves and balance. The third use of CNG is to connect from a distance, which creates a clear space for authentic relationship connection without merging. CNG allows us to connect more effectively from a space of clear autonomy and authenticity. We offer a three-part series – a trialogue - to explore the essential role of CNG in our turbulent new world.