Choosing Aligned Partners - 6-week Series* Thursdays @ 6 pm MT 6/29 -8/3

Choosing Aligned Partners is a 6-week course is on Thursdays from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm MDT, beginning June 29, 2023, through August 3, 2023, with Larry Byram and Katie Love. FREE INTROS begin June 15. Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed pre-destined because everything felt familiar? Are you tired of meeting a potential partner who is “so amazing” and feels like everything you’ve been waiting for, only to be disappointed months later as you discover who he/she really is? Are you done with making the same choices that do not change the outcome? Instead of pursuing the most difficult partners and trying to convince them that we are their soul mates, we choose to invite potential partners to explore mutual outcomes and desires. It is communication-fluidity on these levels, combined with common creative expressions that define our degree of natural alignment and compatibility. Join us in this exploration of what makes us successful in relationships! ***Scholarships and financial support available: Contact Sandy at ***
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