******* Defensive Healing 2018 ******* Self-paced 12-week Series

This self paced online webinar, includes a free introduction, 12 Video sessions, download links to the pdfs of class slides, and mp3 audio files. Creative Uniqueness is a recommended prerequisite. Defensive Healing 2018 is a recommended pre-requisite for Transpersonal Defensive Healing.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Defenses place us on the path of self-limitation, creative repression and intense, insecure co-dependent relationships... So why do we invest in them? Defenses provide simplistic half-truths that require no effort and encourage us to play a predictable role. Since Defenses limit our perceptions, interfere with our creative ability, and limit our consciousness and presence, are we now ready to transform our lives through Defensive Healing? Healing requires Unity thinking, understanding our pre-existing patterns and accepting self-forgiveness. This class invites and teaches us how to balance and express our inner masculine and feminine under all circumstances without becoming polarized by the demands and desires of others. We not only focus on how to release our own Defensive framework, but how to neutralize the defenses of those around us who are different.

Defenses promote a false sense of security by ignoring the complete unvarnished truth. This creates the substitution of positions and beliefs for the truth because we see ourselves separated and uninvolved in World problems. All we want to do is have legitimate justifications for thinking small and and operating on a personal level. If it does not affect me, then I do not want to think about it. If it will affect me, then I will fight to the death to get my way. Defenses limit our wisdom and ability to engage Unity Thinking, where we operate transpersonally to support our communities. Defenses reduce our creativity and joy at making Authentic Life contributions. Find out how we can restore our curiosity, self discovery and knowing by growing beyond defenses.

Confronting Our Complete Truth

Defenses reflect emotional and intellectual positions that separate us from others. They are reflections of an egoic identity that differentiates us from others. The more we assume positions about who we need to be to succeed, the more we develop a concept of who we are that is out of sync with our Authentic Nature. We call this being identified with our Defense Style. There are four basic defenses: Distant, Dynamic, Disarming and Disnamic where we switch between masculine and feminine approaches. We explore each of these defenses in relationship to one another, so we can disentangle any defensive mis-interpretations. This defensive healing course explains most of the perplexing behavior we have experienced in our past relationships. We learn to respond differently, which heals our defensiveness

A Defense is an assumed perception of power that allows us to justify our choices in the name of personal safety and security. As our experiences become framed by what others think about us, it distorts our Creative Self. We learn that everyone has weaknesses and strengths as a human being. We could not have creative strengths without our weaknesses. As long as we identify with our personality self, and its partial perceptions of reality, we are always incomplete and off-balance. This creates fears that attract attack. It also pulls in individuals with opposite Defense styles, which promotes Co-Dependence. When we release our Defensive framework our creative strengths and weakness emerge in a more resourced environment. This means we can ask for support and receive it. A Defense originates as a way to maintain our perceptions (beliefs) in the face of adversity. It promotes competition, either by denying aggression exists (Distant defense) avoiding aggression (Disarming defense) or using aggression as a tool to intimidate (Dynamic defense). By identifying with only our thoughts and beliefs we lose sight of the effect they have on others. We also become oblivious to the perceptions others hold about us. We hold onto and think that our defensive self-perceptions insulate us from the impact of our negative behaviors. Instead, we become fixated on proving our superior perspective, which keeps us from accepting any larger truth.

Embracing wholeness allows our Emotions and Thoughts to work together, creating the possibility of balanced knowing and true authentic power. When we are able to stand in our Truth and do not define ourselves in terms of others, we will have individuated sufficiently to know and share our Truth without compromise. Most importantly, healing our Defense permits us to discover harmless ways to share our Truth without creating reactions in others. This class uses discussion, processes and self-reflection to break out of the preconceived ways we protect ourselves. Let us look at our Defensive patterns and identify the lessons they teach so we can create new possibilities for living.

This course introduces the patterns and practices of individual Defense Types. It comes with a Defensive Healing book (in PDF format) that offers in-depth examinations about why different Defense Styles do what they do. The objective is three-fold: 1) to see and accept our complete Defense pattern; 2) to familiarize ourselves with the natural responses of other Defense styles; and 3) to understand, heal and forgive ourselves enough so we can step beyond self-limiting patterns. Everyone is invited to listen and view our free Defensive Healing discussion here.

Defensive Healing Class Titles

  1. What Are Defenses
  2. Acknowledging Fears and Desires
  3. Building a Common Neutral Ground
  4. The Range of Defenses
  5. Hurt Comes from Creative Denial
  6. Defensive Patterns Cause Separateness
  7. Defensive Ownership
  8. Defensive Compromise
  9. Being Present
  10. Energetic Rebalancing
  11. Defensive Distortions
  12. Being Pioneers
Picture of DH18 Defensive Healing Series
DH18 Defensive Healing Series
A value package offering 12 individual classes. This self-paced course introduces the patterns and practices of individual Defense Types and comes with a Defensive Healing book (in PDF format) that offers in-depth examinations about why different Defense Styles do what they do, plus video recordings, audio recordings and pdfs of class slides of the Intro course and 12 classes. This course is designed to be engaged in 13 consecutive weeks to maximize healing and transformation.
DH18 Healing Defensive Preconceptions Intro
DH18 Class 1 : What Are Defenses?
DH18 Class 2 : Acknowledging Fears And Desires
DH18 Class 3 : Common Neutral Ground
DH18 Class 4 : The Range of Defenses
DH18 Class 5 : Hurt Comes From Creative Denial
DH18 Class 6 : Defensive Patterns Cause Separativeness
DH18 Class 7 : Defensive Ownership
DH18 Class 8 : Defensive Compromise
DH18 Class 9 : Being Present
DH18 Class 10 : Energetic Balancing
DH18 Class 11 : Defensive Distortions
DH18 Class 12 : Being Pioneers