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Inner Seeing II

Inner Seeing II is being offered as an in-person class in our classroom, located at 2945 Center Green Ct., Boulder, Colorado, 80301, as well as by webinar worldwide. There are 12 class meetings, all on Monday evenings, August 27 through November 12, from 6pm to 9pm U.S. Mountain Time.

Facilitators are Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith, Tom Faggiano

Prerequisites: Creative Uniqueness and Recognizing Creativity or permission of instructor.

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Seeing Our Creative Nature 

The purpose of the Inner Seeing Level II course is to develop the capacity to see the creative differences in people around you. We will focus on the 7 Communication processes, the 9 types of Defenses and the 7 stages of WorldView. The Communication process is the sequence of steps we go through when internalizing what we hear and externalizing what connects us to others. Every individual has their preferred sequence of Thinking, Feeling or Acting which reflects their way of engaging their experience. Without a conscious understanding of these differences, misunderstandings are common. The more we can see and appreciate different sequences, the more effective we will be in communicating with others.

Defensive style differences are also ways in which we unconsciously insult others without even recognizing it. Each Defense style represents a position where we expect others to accept our masculine/feminine perspective. The irony is that our authentic creative expression could be different from what others see. This produces tension between our self-perception and how others react or respond to us. Occasionally, we fall into a pattern where we believe we have to be either masculine or feminine to meet gender expectations, which causes further confusion. Being able to see this clearly in others is the purpose of this course. Doing so empowers us to know where the land mines are buried in other people’s personalities.  It also provides us with a roadmap to how to best acknowledge a person so that their defenses are no longer an obstacle to going deeper with them.

WorldView differences become more obvious and more difficult to ignore the more conscious we become. Knowing how to recognize differences in WorldView enables us to meet others where they are and accept them for who they are. While this is the only hierarchical compatibility factor, the key is not to get caught up in the better/worse game, but to understand the lessons that each level represents.  In this way, we can learn to be supportive to others as they learn the lessons they need without our interfering with them. This ultimately teaches us how to be supportive without being judgmental. Imagine being able to quickly calibrate to another’s perspective and speak with them in a way that is both intimate and deep. This is the natural outcome of understanding WorldView differences.

In addition to these three factors, we will be continuing the process of understanding the creative expressions: Primary, Secondary and Mental Body. Understanding the differences of these three factors (Communication Process, Defenses and WorldView) will help us appreciate the authentic creative expression of others. We will also spend time discussing the various kinds of imprinting, both within these factors, and in our creative expressions.
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