LOCS Loving Our Creative Self

This self-paced series consists of an introductory course and twelve classes, including 13 Video sessions, downloadable pdf’s of classes and mp3 audio files. Prerequisite is Creative Uniqueness or Finding Conscious And Complete Partners.

Classes may not be purchased individually.

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Class Description

Expanding Our Capacity To Love Our Self (And Others)

Few of us are supported in being our Authentic Self. How can we truly love ourselves when we do not actually know who we are creatively? Loving ourselves becomes more about releasing misperceptions about our Creative Nature so we can express ourselves fully. This course defines our Authentic Creative Nature and how we can recover the love for our self that has been lost since childhood. The more we validate our own Creative Nature, the less energy we spend on being someone we are not. Why do we persist in defining ourselves in terms of our Fears and Personality Desires, when our Authentic Nature is so much more magnificent?

We begin to see that owning our Creative Nature rebuilds a connection with ourselves that makes us impervious to the misguided projections of others. Knowing our Truth allows us to act authentically and attract people who will appreciate who we truly are. Radiant Self Unifying Love goes beyond personality reflections of love. We discuss personality-based attachments to love, conditional love and idealized love that deceive us.

Self Generated Creative Affirmations Can Be Shared

The challenge of defining ourselves in terms of how others want us to be is that we cannot then be true to ourselves. We find that releasing self-judgment neutralizes the judgments we have about others. Otherwise, we get stuck in a world of conditional love where we have to deny ourselves to receive the love of others. Conditional forms of Love require us to be fixated on believing others need us, as a way of proving our value to them. We often confuse power over others with loving them, because being needed is a form of security. We falsely believe that love is adjusting to our partners’ story. In this course we explore how contrasts rather than agreement can help us deepen into our full contribution.

As we appreciate our natural capacity to contribute, we are able to expand our inner Self Knowing and Love. Our identification with our Creative Self initiates our ability to deepen our connections with those around us. We learn the value of choosing partners who are attracted to us for the right reasons. As we demonstrate how to see our self and be seen by others, it awakens and reinforces our purpose, facilitating our growth and actualization.

We can build Radiant, Self Unifying Love by embracing our inherent creativity and honoring our growth process. Love is the internal experience of energetic creative connection to everything that exists. The more we can embody this connection, the easier and more joyful it is to share it with others. Our ability to receive Love also grows as we give it. The obstacles to this process are our Attachments to our infatuations, our Positions about how we want others to treat us, and our Beliefs about being special which trap us in self-limiting expressions of Love. Instead of experiencing Love through the distortions of Excitement, Intensity, or the Romantic Mythology of how we idealize Love, we step into the creative world of Aliveness, Wisdom, enthusiasm and peacefulness. As we learn to love ourselves, it regenerates our sense of Self, producing greater clarity and natural connection.

One of the main tests that we love ourselves is how much we honor and engage others in our Primary Creative Expression. If we are not giving of ourselves in this way, it indicates that we have not fully embraced our own Radiant, Self-Unifying Love. Individuals embracing this possibility operate from service and demonstrate a capacity to give that is not concerned by how much they are getting. This is because they receive great joy in the giving. How much do you limit your ability to contribute to others? How much do you use your Defenses to keep others at bay so they will not want something from you that you do not want to give? Radiant, Self-Unifying Love is where we maximize our fulfillment. Any time we limit our Creative Expression, we are actually limiting the joy and passion that make life worth living.

Loving Our Creative Self Classes

  1. Be Gentle, Accept Yourself As You Are
  2. Deepening Our Experience As Creative Contributors
  3. Share and Give Of Your Self As Much As Possible
  4. Ending Creative Confusion
  5. Recognizing Others’ Burden
  6. Differentiating What We Do and How We Relate from Who We Are
  7. Affirming Love in Every Connection We Make
  8. Shifting Our Attractions Expands Our Creative Self Love
  9. Reinforcing Common Motivations Where Love Is Present
  10. Releasing Personality Fears & Desires That Interfere With Creative Self Love
  11. Operating With Humility and Gratitude for What We Have Been Given
  12. Experiencing Non-Dualistic Love


Picture of LOCS Loving Our Creative Self Series
LOCS Loving Our Creative Self Series
A value package offering one introductory course and 12 individual classes. This course defines our Authentic Creative Nature and how we can recover the love for our self that has been lost since childhood.
Picture of LOCS Intro to Loving Our Creative Self : Personality vs. Radiant Self-Unifying Love
LOCS Intro to Loving Our Creative Self : Personality vs. Radiant Self-Unifying Love
LOCS Class 1: Accepting Ourselves As We Are
LOCS Class 2: Deepening Our Experience
LOCS Class 3: Share & Give of Ourself
LOCS Class 4: Ending Creative Confusion
LOCS Class 5: Recognizing Other's Burdens
LOCS Class 6: Differentiating Who We Are
LOCS Class 7: Affirming Love
LOCS Class 8: Shifting Attractions to Love
LOCS Class 9: Reinforcing Common Motives
LOCS Class 10: Personality Fears & Desires
LOCS Class 11: Humility & Gratitude
LOCS Class 12: Owning Our Self Sabotage