***Conscious Action Illustrates Motives - 12-week Series* Tuesdays@6 pm MT 09/05 -11/25

Class Schedule: 12 Tuesdays, September 5th through November 25th, 2023, 6 to 9 pm, with Larry Byram, Sandra Jaquith, Tom Faggiano. Join us on our Free intro night on August 29, 2023, at 6 pm (MDT) for a Zoom discussion on ‘Motives Define Behavior & Connection’. Prerequisites: None, Recommended Creative Uniqueness The zoom info to join the class is sent out shortly before class starts. Need more information? Ask about our scholarship options. Call Sandra Jaquith (303) 832-3707
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Aligning Our Actions

Have you ever wondered why more people just do not experience creative flow unless they fall in love? What is the difficulty in working together unless we are high or drunk? Why do we need to give up caring, so things sometimes work out? These are illustrations of when we neutralize differences in Motives, either because we are entranced in physical, intellectual, and passionate love, or unable to process being discounted or disconnected. After the honeymoon phase in a relationship, we are often confronted with a lack of alignment and a difference in motivation that we cannot overcome or make work as a team. We cannot envision that it is our lack of creative presence or consciousness that needs to be awakened to provide the understanding, grace, and most of all, lubricant for life that is conscious Intent. We need to learn how to meet others where they are.

Conscious actions require an uncompromised autonomous intent. This means recognizing co-dependent transactions, so we can uplift how we connect to others. When we are conscious, we set aside personality differences and operate co-creatively. In Higher Alignment, we discuss each type of Motive and the degree of consciousness that reflects what is behind any action. Four levels of Motives (instinctive, intellectual, idealized, and intuitive) and 3 types (masculine, feminine, and unified) define 12 unique Motives, Only Intuitive Motives are fully conscious and equal exchanges that manifest effortless interactions. When we have mixed Motives, both in ourselves and in our relationship with others, the lower conscious individual always withholds or tries to use the action to benefit themselves. This leads to appropriation, conflict, and delays with unconscious individuals. 

HA Motives are a way to recognize how intent is compromised in the people with whom we interact. The four levels of Motives reflect the degree of intent we have activated in ourselves. In addition, we have masculine, feminine, and unified expressions of intent on each of these levels that allow us to grow up and be more responsive. What this points out is that our Gender Identity Role-Playing where masculine energies predominate and feminine energies are repressed guarantees imbalances in our motive participation. If we are unwilling to accept that we are a continuum of feminine and masculine expressions, we end up denying and fighting ourselves. This makes it hard to get in alignment with those we love, those we do business with, or our families.

Motives represent a structure of actions that indicate how conscious we are. The more we can express motives in a transpersonal way and connect the differences consciously, the more we can create unified and extremely powerful movements for change, growth, and striving. The deeper our relationship, the more committed we are to mutual outcomes, and the more likely we can come to a meeting of the minds. This leads to quick, effortless interactions. Unfortunately, Motives for the most part are unconscious in our society, leading to constant action conflicts. This is why we are necessary to bring about a revolution in consciousness. It all begins with our self-respect, self-esteem, and degree of self-love. In short, we need to establish an autonomous, conscious relationship with ourselves so that we can love and accept who we are as imperfect human beings.

Conscious individuals see the value of separating their personal stuff from their creative expression. They talk about service and the greater good. When these individuals come together we discover that we are not our personality but our creative contributions. This establishes mutual meaning and self-generation when we distinguish what is our purpose and how this purpose relates to the people we have gathered.  Motives become the clearest tool for distinguishing what is our work from what is not.  Join us on our Free intro night on August 29, 2023, at 6 pm (MDT) for a Zoom discussion on ‘Motives Define Behavior & Connection’. 

All classes will be offered live online as well as recorded for your online study. The recordings are available within 48 hours of each class.  We send out the zoom info shortly before each class.

Class Titles:

  1.           Experiencing Instinctive Motives
  2.           Instinctive Motives Prevent Change
  3.           Transmuting Instinctive Motives With Respect
  4.           Experiencing Intellectual Motives
  5.           Intellectual Motives Prevent Growth
  6.           Transforming Intellectual Motives With Esteem
  7.           Experiencing Idealized Motives
  8.           Idealized Motives Prevent Striving
  9.           Transfiguring Idealized Motives With Love
  10.     Experiencing Intuitive Motives (Masc. & Fem.)
  11.     Intent, Autonomy & Engagement Generates Freedom
  12.     Empowered Motives Are Co-Creative