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CU20 Creative Uniqueness Support Group

As we transition from in-person class frameworks to online webinars we are finding ways to personalize the process. We call these application labs or support groups. Our clients watch a pre-recorded class discussion on a topic then participate in a group discussion once per week (for twelve weeks). Each class topic has a background presentation that clients review by reading a PDF, listening to a class or reviewing a video. The support group offers a 90-minute discussion where we work on implementing a chosen topic. The Creative Uniqueness Series must be purchased separately. A FREE INTRO is offered with Larry Byram.

Inner Seeing II - 2022 Series Thursday Discussion Only (previously purchased Inner Seeing II)

If you have previously purchased Inner Seeing II, you may join the Thursday discussion class for $395. On Thursday evenings beginning January 27 2022, Larry Byram will provide a live Zoom review and discussion of the 12 pre-recorded, self-paced classes of Inner Seeing II that you study at your own convenience. The Thursday Discussion classes will include new class materials, guided imagery, and class review of photos. Recordings of the Thursday classes will be provided each week and will include 12 Video sessions (plus intros), downloadable pdfs of slides and mp3 audio files. Prerequisites: Creative Uniqueness, Recognizing Creativity, or permission of the instructor. Zoom links for the Thursday classes will be sent via email the day of the classes. Recordings of the Thursday classes will be sent the same week.

IS3 Inner Seeing III

The Inner Seeing Level III course is designed to support you in developing the capacity to see creative differences in people around you.

IS3 Inner Seeing III 12 Week Webinar Series

Inner Seeing 3 self-paced series includes 13 recorded videos, downloadable pdfs of class slides, and mp3 audio files. Prerequisites are Creative Uniqueness, Recognizing Creativity and Inner Seeing I and II.

RSF Recognizing Pacing

Individual class.

RSF Recognizing Support Factors Package

A value package offering consisting of all four individual classes.