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ED FREE INTRO ~ Enlightened Dating

Free Intro Class to Enlightened Dating 2019 - Bringing Out the Best in Us , is a self-paced class.

LOCS Loving Our Creative Self Series

A value package offering one introductory course and 12 individual classes. This course defines our Authentic Creative Nature and how we can recover the love for our self that has been lost since childhood.

MM FREE INTRO to Mastering Motivations Thursday January 9 at 6:00 MST

Free Intro class to Mastering Motivations ~ Engagement: Together or Separate?

OHD Organizational Hiring & Design Series

This course is for both employees and managers. The first seven classes describe an optimal hiring process using next-generation assessment tools. The next five classes cover the strategic options and tactical considerations when adding new employees. The program describes how we recognize and process the various creative attributes that allow us to build the best teams. --------- with Larry Byram, Tom Faggiano, and Sandra Jaquith.

OOCG Free Intro for Owning Our Creative Gifts: Creative Spectrum

FREE Intro to Owning Our Creative Gifts: Spectrum of Creativity