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OOCG Owning Our Creative Gifts

Owning Our Creative Gifts (OOCG) is a 21-part series that initiated the exploration of our creative gifts and ways of being that bring us joy (now available as recordings) . The exploration continues with the Creative Actualization Pyramid Process as a way to deepen our understanding of our creative energies as offered in Owning Our Creative Gifts. In order to build your personal Pyramid in the Creative Actualization Process, you need 5 of the OOCG classes - your Mental Body Expression, Secondary Expression, and the 3 levels of your Primary Expression.

SA Shaping Attractions 2020 ~ 12-Week Series

Attractions Define Our Options & Lessons. Attractions reflect polarities or choices in our understanding of Self. We are drawn to people, processes, and places because they facilitate our life lessons. SHAPING ATTRACTIONS 2020 is a 12-week course with Larry Byram, Sandy Jaquith, and Tom Faggiano. ***Scholarships and financial support available: contact Sandy at ***

SGP Selecting Great Partners Series

Frustrated by dating? Learn a revolutionary way of connecting with others simply by being present to them. This 3-part series is offered with Larry Byram, Phoenix Bartalos, and Sandy Jaquith.

SP Skillful Partnering ~ Enriching Our Relaitonships Series

Skills help us develop a transpersonal perspective so we can see situations from another’s view. There are twelve skills expressed on four levels that reflect feminine, masculine or combined approaches.